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USB Card readers for SDXC flash cards.

SDXC USB ReaderThese SDXC Flash Cards have the maximum read and write speeds of 60 MB/s and 35 MB/s respectively.  These figures are the maximum allowed in read and write speeds granting that the device connected to these flash cards – namely, computers and mobile phones - are compatible.  If a non-compatible device is connected to these flash cards then it will only have the normal read and write speeds of 30 MB/s and 10 MB/s just like the ordinary flash card available in the commercial market today. So a new type or improved USB 2.0 or better yet a USB 3.0 SDXC card reader is necesary to use the full speed that the card is capable of.

Add SDXC USB Card Reader to any PC with a USB port.

eXtended Capacity adapterSDXC Flash Cards have different storage capacities.  These range from the lowest 32 GB or gigabyte up to the highest 2 TB or terabyte.  If you want to store tons of pictures and photos as well as clips and videos then this is the perfect flash card for you!  You can literally store hundreds of different movies of 400 MB each.  Thousands of photos and pictures as well as other image types can also be stored with these cards, allowing any owner to fully maximize its storage capabilities.  This is such a huge difference with the current flash cards available in the market that only allow storage capacities between 8 GB and 32 GB.

canon best sdxcCompatibility with different OS or Operating Systems is also not an issue with these Toshiba made SDXC Flash Cards.  Microsoft Windows OS like the XP, Vista and 7 can read and write with these SDXC cards.  Even Linux and the Apple Mac OS are also compatible.  No other types of flash cards other than these Toshiba-spawned flash cards offer this technology as of this very moment.  Everyone can expect much greater things with Toshiba especially with the further development of these flash cards in the next 10 years, allowing each and everyone to fully enjoy having virtually limitless storage space at the tips of their fingertips.


SDXC USB Card Readers® sdxcUSB™

Toshiba is a well known company not only in Japan but also in the United States and even in Canada.  This is a fact that cannot be denied by anybody.  This truth has been strengthened with the emergence of the newest as well as greatest Toshiba technological innovation yet - i.e. the SDXC Flash Cards

And if the Ultra High Speed is not enough for you take a look at the SDXC2.0 UHS-II specification.

Full sized flash cards are too big for mobile phones and tiny MP3 playes, so the same as with slower cards there are the micro-SDXC wich have the same features, but are smaller and more expensive becouse of the miniaturization. Micro SDXC Flash Card.